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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sneak peek: 2016 LCF CONCERT SETLIST

We're getting ready to begin the concert here at Mercy Center in St. Louis. The annual concert, which benefits both the work of the Liturgical Composers Forum and the ministry of our hosts, the Sisters of Mercy here in St. Louis, was added on as a final event for all the composers who could stay an extra night. A lot of work has gone into this by everyone, but particularly this year by the event coordinator, Jaime Cortez, whom I like to call "the hardest working man in liturgical music."

For anyone who is interested, these are the songs composers chose to do at our third concert.

Hymn for the Holy Year of Mercy (Paul Inwood)
When We Sing (Mary Jo Thum)
Take and Eat (Michael Joncas)
Psalm 139:  I Am One Wonderfully Made (Jeffrey Honoré)
Psalm 23: El señor es mi pastor (Lourdes Montgomery)
Psalm 122: Let Us Go Rejoicing (Orin Johnson)
See amid the Winter's Snow (Kevin Keil)
Who We Are (Tony Barr)
Psalm 146: Praise the Lord My Soul (Christian Cosas) 
The Lord's Prayer (Rino Angelini)
The Lord Is My Hope (MD Ridge)
Change Our Hearts (Rory Cooney)
Now Is the Time (Tom Kendzia)
Were You There/Amazing Grace (Marcy Weckler-Barr) OCP
The Supper of the Lord (Laurence Rosania)
Your Sacred Breath (Mark Mellis)
Gracias, Señor (Damaris Thillet)
Day of Peace (Janèt Sullivan Whitaker)
We Shall Draw Water (Paul Inwood)
Sweet Refreshment (Bob Moore)
Rain Down (Jaime Cortez)
Come and Receive (Carol Browning)
Blessing Prayer (Bob Fabing S.J.)

Psalm of Hope (Felix Goebel- Camala)
Evening Song (Luke Rosen)
Rejoice Always (Paul Hillebrand)
Jerusalem (Fergal King)
Jesus Is Risen Today (Kathleen Demny)
For You Are My God (John Foley, S.J.)
Blessed Are They (David Haas)

Five of our members who were able to attend the meeting were not able to be present at the concert. We also had nine choir members from the wonderful choir at Saint Margaret of Scotland in St. Louis, directed by another member, Peter Hesed.

Piano: Christian Cosas ( and some composers)
Woodwinds: Kate Basi (flute) and Mark Mellis (flute and soprano sax)
Bass and MC: Jaime Cortez
Guitars: Gary Daigle and Jaime Cortez
Conductors: Kevin Keil, Kathleen Demny, Jeff Honoré

May be next year we can manage a simulcast for interested parties. Well, it's not really party music, but we have fun anyway. Here we go for 2016, ad majorem Dei gloriam. Pray for us!

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