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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Unbegun book III - the first 25 years

It may well be that someone has already done this better, but this is another page from my "unwritten book" about my life in liturgical music, which was to be titled Amateurs Only Need Apply. I wanted to draw the major lines of world and music history (as I experienced it, of course, therefore in a narrow sense) and developments in the church and in US church music from The Constitution on Sacred Liturgy to twenty-five years forward. 

Clearly, this is a personal point of view! What would you add to the right-hand column? In the book, I might have added a third column tracing the origins of my own songwriting for liturgy, things like:

  • 1962-65 - sang in boys choir at St Vincent de Paul School, chant, and 2-3 part motets from St. Gregory and other hymnals.
  • 1965-69 sang in seminary choir, masses in English and Latin by John Lee, Noel Goemanne and others. Also, sang "And I Love Him" to the tune of the Lennon/McCartney "And I Love Her" at daily mass.
  • 1969 or 70 - first heard and sang "I Am the Bread of Life" at a funeral at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo.
  • 1971 - wrote "Psalm 40: Here I Am," published 20 years later by NALR. Also, wrote church lyrics to the Carpenters' song, "Crescent Noon," entitled "Parade."
  • c 1980 - wrote "Yours Today" and "Change Our Hearts", met Paul Quinlan at NALR
  • 1981 - met Tom Kendzia in Phoenix, directed NPM showcase presentation of "Light of the World"
  • 1984 - began recording first album, "You Alone," at NALR studios in Phoenix
  • 1985 - met Gary Daigle in class with John Gallen, SJ, at Corpus Christi Center in Phoenix
  • ....etc. etc.

But what significant musical discoveries and events do you think belong in the second column? 

         The first 25 years…a bit of a timeline


John XXIII dies; Paul VI elected; Nov22, JFK assassinated
Dec 8 Sacrosanctum Consilium issued
Beatles on Ed Sullivan; Tonkin Gulf incident
Biblical Hymns and Psalms Lucien Deiss (WLSM)
Sound of Music wins Best Picture Oscar.


 FEL's Hymnal for Young Christians
Woodstock, Hair opens on Broadway, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band;  massacre at Son My and My Lai
Sebastian Temple writes "Prayer of St. Francis"
Tet offensive; Civil Rights Act, Chicago Demo. Convention,Martin Luther King and RFK assassinated; Nixon elected


WLSM's Young People's Folk Hymnal
Jesus Christ Superstar is born as  studio rock opera; National Guard kills 4 at Kent State U.
NALR born in Cincinnati; "A Community Mass," by Richard Proulx (GIA)
Godspell opens off Broadway, popularizing “Day by Day;” “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens; Bernstein’s Mass premieres at the Lincoln Center dedication
“I Am the Bread of Life”by Suzanne Toolan, S.M.
Nixon reelected
"Mass of the Bells" Peloquin, GIA;
Watergate; Agnew resigns
Music in Catholic Worship published, Roman Missal promulgated in English
Nixon resigns

Fall of Saigon
Earthen Vessels St Louis Jesuits (NALR); Worship II (GIA)
US Bicentennial celebration; riots in Soweto
Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia, “Gift of Finest Wheat”; National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) is founded
Death of Elvis; Star Wars, the movie, not the SDI;
Glory and Praise Volume 1 released (1977)
Paul VI and John Paul 1 die, John Paul II elected; Sadat, Begin, and Carter reach the Camp David accords
First NPM Convention, Scranton PA; Conry releases Ashes with NALR; Remember Your Love by Dameans (NALR)
USSR invades Afghanistan; Iranian students invade  US embassy in Tehran, take hostages
JM Joncas's On Eagle's Wings (NALR)
Hostage rescue fails; Ronald Reagan elected; John Lennon murdered
With Open Hands by Marty Haugen (PAA)
Attempted assassinations  of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II; AIDS conclusively identified


US invasion of Grenada; Lech Walesa wins Nobel Peace Prize
Liturgical Music Today published; Psalms for the Church Year Vol. 1 (Haugen-Haas, GIA)

Mass  of Creation Haugen (GIA)

Order of Christian Initiation (RCIA) official;
Marcos flees Philippines, Aquino becomes president;
Worship [3rd Edition] (GIA)
Les Miserables opens in NY

Iraq uses chemical weapons against Iran; George Bush elected; PanAm 103 destroyed over Lockerbie, Scotland
GIA introduces Gather contemporary hymnal

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