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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Χριστός Ανέστη

"Daffodil Morning" by Margaret Larkin. All rights reserved.

Up from the Earth by Rory Cooney

Up from the earth, and surging like a wave,
Rise up, O Christ! Your God defies the grave.
Up from the earth push blade and leaf and stem:
They rise for Christ, and we shall rise with them.

Up from the cross a billion voices strain, 
Cry for a hand to lift them from their pain. 
Up from the cross, but scarred in limbs and side, 
A wounded church brings healing far and wide. 

Up from the night Christ Morningstar awakes! 
O, what a light upon earth’s darkness breaks. 
Up from the night Christ sows his life like wheat,
And death itself lies fallow at his feet. 

Up from the tomb of all the past conceals, 
See how our God a brighter day reveals. 
Up from the tomb! Though death had bound us tight, 
Like Lazarus, we stumble into light. 

Cry to the cross, where tyrants work their dread! 
Shout to the tombs where parents mourn their dead! 
Sing to the earth, for God all newness gives! 
Alleluia! Christ Liberator lives! LIBERATOR

© 1987 NALR. Published by OCP. All rights reserved

Up from the Earth - Change Our Hearts

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