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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Just past the silence (Second Thoughts on "Ephphatha" - B23O)

Open up.
Break out.
Snap out of it.
We’re here to help:

Say something.
Don't just sit there.
No one's stopping you now.
Take a stand, say it.
I'm listening. We're listening.
Don't be afraid.

Listen to me.
Listen to the earth.
Listen for the birdsong, the breeze.
Hear the beggar’s plea,
The baby’s cry,
The choir, the traffic.
Let it all in.
Don't cover your ears,
Snap out of it.
We’re with you.

Unfold. Bend. Reach up.
Open up.
Break out.
Open a window, open a door.
Scale a wall,
Break down a wall.
Prophesy to the wall.
Touch me, take the outstretched hands,
Hold on.

Stretch. Walk. Run. Reach.
Listen to the word,
then speak it.
We’re with you. Be the echo.

Don't be afraid.
Hear me. Say after me,
Open up.
Break out.
Come along, call the rest.
It's gonna be OK.
We're going somewhere new


the silence. Let's go. Open up,
Listen. Say it.


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