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Friday, October 14, 2016

[UPDATE] Cropwalk 2016 - Sunday, October 16

I just want to say something to everybody:  THANK YOU.

Thank you because Team HopeMusic, along with the entire St. Anne Community, is doing very well raising funds for hunger relief and awareness this year. I have raised my personal goal and the team goal four times, and I have no doubt that we will cross that threshold.

I'm proud and happy that Sr. Lorraine Menheer, SSSF, of happy memory, encouraged me to do this several years ago, and she and Sr. Margaret Eisele would be on the walk with us. Now both of them have gone to God, but the walk goes on, this year with the wonderful Adrienne and Paul Kalmes leading the way, and the parish coordination done by the Cerretani family. Our new coordinator of Hope Ministries, Mary Howard, is going to take time from her busy schedule and walk with us too. As I'm sure you know, all (or nearly all) the churches in the village take part, as does the Barrington High School football team, and lots of others of an altruistic bent.

I'm putting up our website one last time in case anyone would like to make a donation between today and next week. The website will keep taking donations for a few weeks, but I won't be paying much attention (except to write thank you notes!) after Sunday.

Again, I want to be clear that, especially this year, with political candidates scrambling for every interested dollar and the huge humanitarian tragedies caused by Hurricane Matthew last week (link to Catholic Relief Services), not to mention all of our ongoing quotidian charity requests, that I'm so inspired and grateful that so many people from all over the country have responded to our calls for help for the hungry.

The weather here in Barrington is a little iffy for Sunday—I'll do the walk, if not Sunday, then another day next week, every last centimeter of the 10K, I promise, even if the walk itself is canceled! As for me, I'm holding out for morning storms, afternoon sunshine.

Keep a prayer on your lips and a song in your heart as we do this on Sunday. Remember the hungry at your worship service this weekend. No more mendicant emails, texts, or Facebook posts from me for eleven months!

Rory Cooney (personal fundraising page)

Team HopeMusic fundraising page

UPDATE: Sunday afternoon, 16 October, 3:40 p.m. - Our little team HopeMusic has finished walking with the rest of the walkers, and have raised to date over $4800.00, with a few checks still coming in. If there are folks you (team) know who haven't given you their checks, get them when you can and bring them to rehearsal or church. Or, it's REALLY easy to use one of the links above which will be active for a few more weeks, and the money will go right to Church World Service for Crop Hunger Walk. Again, thank you all so much for walking, donating, praying, working, singing to help end hunger. Keep doing what you're doing, because through it, God is saving the world.