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Thursday, October 2, 2014


A parishioner was lamenting the fact that with the upgrading of our parish website, now in the hands of professionals, there was no longer a link on the lectors page to the readings. I explained to the person how all she had to do was type "" into her browser's address bar, et voilá, the calendar with the readings would pop up. Still, it seemed to be too inconvenient for this person. I get that.

Which has nothing whatsoever to do with today's little foray into frontiers of meaninglessness, other than it led me to remember that, in fact, all I really need to do is type "u" into my browser's address bar, and the bishops' website pops up. Thank you, Safari, and Google. And that made me think, what do the other letters do? This will ordinarily indicate the most frequently sought website beginning with that letter, because as you type, other sites pop up, until eventually you find the one you want, or a Google search page. Ingenious really.

So here's my browserbet, the A to Z of where I go most often per letter in my browser. I'm betting a good number of these are the same for you?

b: (the google site where this blog resides)
c: (duh)
d: (you thought "dominos", didn't you?)
e: (see "c" above, also "Nebraska" and "chicagobears")
f: fb or facebook
g: on one computer, "gentle reign", again, this blog. otherwise, the generic "google")
h: (the home site for Crop Hunger Walk, this is probably a seasonal anomaly)
i: illinois lottery (my bad)
j: (sheet/choral music website)
k: (embarrassing)
l: (GIA's resource for liturgy planning)
m: (another sheet music website)
n: (the magazine)
o: (my daily addiction. one of them)
p: (another social networking gateway)
q: (i don't know either. something about the pope I looked up, I guess)
r: (i can't help it)
s: (thank God. My pastor can relax)
t: (yet another social networking gateway)
v: (ugh...a necessary evil, I guess. And no, it's not really
w: (I guess this might mean that is the winner?)
x: (because I have to download Mac drivers every 5 minutes for our office networked printers)
y: (what else?)
z: (part of Sprint network, a web-based texting service) (what, you expected What am I, Imelda Marcos?) I haven't used this site for months, but really, how many websites start with z anyway?

So, what's in your browser?